Knife Party - Bonfire (MK2 cover) by Kaskobi, Knife Party
Archie - Back Again by Lucas Nassar
Shades Of Grey (Ft. Delaney Jane) Trey Stein Live Remix by Trey Stein, Olive...
Knife Party vs Skrillex (GHET1 Launchpad Edit) by GHET1, Knife Part...
Far Too Loud - Firestorm (Kaskobi Cover) by Kaskobi, Far Too ...
Willy Saul - Pay No Rapture (Live Mashup) by Willy Saul, Madeo...
DimikYoo plays: Krewella - Play Hard by DimikYoo, Krewella
Pony Sauce - NRG (BronySinc Cover) by BronySinc, Pony S...
Calvin Harris - Outside (Voltapix's Cover) by Voltapix, Calvin ...
Arty - Up All Night (rpg aleksy Cover) by rpg aleksy, Arty,...
Prayer In C - Lilly Wood & The Prick (Launchpad Cover) by Ulises Versan
Make It Bun Dem (ULT1MOD Cover) by ULT1MOD, Skrillex...
HYPER☆DRIVE - nanobii (Launchpad Pro Light Show) by Sunroof
H3ADSYN - Fireflies by H3ADSYN, Montee
DimikYoo plays: Booty Luv - Say It (Nero Remix) (Launchpad Cover by DimikYoo, Booty Luv
Halux - Feelings (Original Song) by Halux
Bam by Tim Ismag - Launchpad Cover by Diprog, Tim Ismag
Yiruma - River Flows In You (ZER0 Cover) by ZER0, Yiruma
DJ Ravine VS Beethoven (Fur Elise) by DJ Ravine, Beethoven
MIDI Extension - Program Lightshow Like a Pro! by Exige, ULT1MOD
EDM Shenanigans Ep. 1 by XIRUS
ULT1MOD's Ultimate Led Pack 2015 by ULT1MOD
Skrillex - Scary Bolly Dub (Future Exit Cover) by Future Exit, Skri...
Illuminati: live forever - Shogun by Launchpad Pro, Sh...
Conte - Daft Punk Skrillex Remix by LevelUp, Conte, S...
How to make your pads brighter ? by EV3REST
Nev and Suse Play: UNRELEASED SKRILLEX TRACK by Nev, Dr. Suse
Tutorial: How to upload/share your project file by ULT1MOD
How to have light feedback on the launchpad ? by Launchpad Pro
Remake: Weapon - M4SONIC by Launchpad Pro, M4...
Mass Effect 3 - I Was Lost Without You (Skafendre Cover) by Skafendre, Sam Hu...
Deemo OST Myosotis VIP Launchpad Pro Cover by Sein & Music,...
Remake: Frag Out - DJ ASSASS1N by ULT1MOD, DJ ASSASS1N
Crush ft. Camden Cox - Could This Be Real by Sein & Music
K-Pop Culture tutorial (part 1) by Epikas, TAK
Cash Cash - Overtime (Vicetone remix) (Launchpad cover by Purpz) by Purpz, Cash Cash,...
When mom isn't home - 2 Launchpad S cover and remix by Diprog, Grid
Shake It Off - Taylor Swift (runson Remix) by Runson
Dawin Dessert Project - Launchpad Pro by WIMS, Dawin
RYAN - Rockstar (Launchpad Mashup) by RYAN
Tutorial: Basic sampling knowledge and tips/tricks by ULT1MOD
Squeakquinox - Nev by Nev, Skrillex
Mashup Culture - Tutorial (part 2.5) by Epikas, Launchpad...
Skrillex - Reptile (GHET1 Cover) by GHET1, Skrillex
How to switch drum racks? by ULT1MOD
Skrillex - First Of The Year (M4dzi Remix) by XIRUS, M4dzi, Skr...
Deadmau5 - Some Chords (N4C Remix) by N4C, Deadmau5
Avicii - I could be the one (Launchapd Cover) by Zhen Zhao, Avicii
The Future of Mashup - DJ Trey Stein Live Performance by DJ Trey Stein
Skrillex - Kyoto (Launchpad cover) by GHET1, Skrillex
Willy Saul - Mortal Kombat (Launchpad Cover) by Willy Saul
Mashup Culture - Tutorial (part 2) by Epikas, Launchpad...
Marble Soda - TheWarmUp Launchpad Cover by The Warmup
Kygo - Firestone (Ulises Versan Cover) by Ulises Versan, Kygo
Smash Mouth - All Star (Launchpad Cover) by Smash Mouth, XIRUS
Robosonic - Killtherobot explained! by KillTheRobot
Skrillex - All Is Fair In Love & Brostep (Bodiniman Cover) by Bodiniman, Skrill...
Games of Thrones - Launchpad, Launchkey by N4C
Volto - Button Pusher (Live Mashup) by Volto
How to play: M4SONIC - Weapon by ULT1MOD
Mr Oizo - Bear Biscuit (Shlygly Launchpad Cover) by Shlygly, Mr Oizo
Weekends! by Adam Gillespie
DimikYoo plays: Krewella - Human by DimikYoo
First of the year (Equinox) - Tutorial by Nev, Skrillex
Luke De Loop - Bass Kick by Luke De Loop
Tobu - Candyland (BlaSil Cover) by BlaSil
Tutorial: Basic lightshow knowledge and tips/tricks by ULT1MOD
K-Pop Culture tutorial (part 2) by Epikas, TAK
SebastiAn - Ross Ross Ross (Shlygly Launchpad Cover) by Shlygly, SebastiAn
How to play: Spectrum - Zedd (Nev cover) by Zod!ac, Zedd, Nev
First of the year (Equinox) Launchpad Cover by Nev, Skrillex
Spag Heddy - Here We Go (Launchpad Cover) by Etsio, Spag Heddy
Tristam and Braken - Flight by Launchpad Univers...
Nev Plays - Wizards in Winter by Nev
When The Beat Drops by GHET1
Sountec- Skrillex & Knife Party Mashup by Sountec, Skrillex...
Z.E.R.0 plays: Madeon - Icarus by Z.E.R.0, Madeon
Nev vs Siri - Cats and Boots (Beatbox Battle) by Nev
What's that sound - Tutorial (part 2) by Datguy
Coyote Kisses - Sunny Day (A Duck Cover) by A Duck, Coyote Ki...
How I Feel ft. Bonnie Magbitang by R!OT
Robosonic - Killtherobot performance by KillTheRobot
Ummet Ozcan - Kensei (Launchpad Cover) by Sam, Ummet Ozcan
Louder - Launchpad Cover by Nev, Doctor P, Fl...
Virtual Riot - Beyond (XIRUS Cover) by XIRUS, Virtual Riot
How to update your firmware? by EV3REST
The Chainsmokers - Roses (NYSM Cover) by NYSM
ULT1MOD - Hard Weekend (Mashup) by ULT1MOD
Launchpad basics tutorial by The DSP Project
Spag Heddy - Freak It (A Duck cover) by A Duck
Kavinsky - Nightcall (ULT1MOD Cover) by ULT1MOD, Kavinsky
What's that sound - Tutorial (part 3) by Datguy
ULT1MOD - Working For It (Shortplay) by ULT1MOD, Zhu, Skr...
Doctor P - Shiskabob (XIRUS Cover) by Doctor P, XIRUS
SAKURA ICHIGO (Cherry Blossom Strawberries ) Live Launchpad Orig by BSK BOY
Skrillex - Make It Bun Dem (Da Le Cover) by Da Le, Skrillex
Luke De Loop - Conscious Mind by Luke De Loop
Launchpad advanced configuration (part 1) by The DSP Project
iPhone - MetroGnome Remix (Launchpad cover) by Skinny Fingers
Luke De Loop - Ready, Go. Fresh! (Original Mix) by Luke De Loop
Sants claus is coming to dubstep by Launchpad Univers...
KSHMR & DallasK - Burn (Skafendre Cover) by Skafendre, KSHMR,...
EDM Shenanigans: Episode 2 by XIRUS
Live Launchpad House Performance by IvanSoil
Nev & Toyota - Gifony (Exige Remix) by Exige
Remake: What's that sound - Throttle by Cali, Launchpad P...
Tobu & Itro - Sunburst (Zhen Zhao Cover) by Zhen Zhao, Tobu, ...
EDM Shenanigans: Episode 3 by XIRUS
Live Launchpad Electro Mashup by SUBFER
Undertale OST - Temmie Village by Skafendre
He's a Pirate (Pirates of the Caribbean - Klaus Badelt ) by OWL, Klaus Badelt
Shawn Wasabi - Mac n' Cheese (The Warmup Cover) by The Warmup, Shawn...
ULT1MOD - Ultimate LED Effect Pack by ULT1MOD
Volto x Retrograde - Deck the Halls by Volto
Razor sharp (Launchpad cover) by Launchpad Univers...
Fade - Adventure Club ft. Zak Waters (Launchpad Cover) by Lev, Adventure Cl...
Mashup Culture - Tutorial (part 1) by Epikas, Launchpad...
Illuminati: below us - Seven Lion by Launchpad Pro, Se...
Sail Launchpad Dubstep Mashup by Skorge, Turvzak
Martin Garrix - Animals (R!OT Drop Edit) by R!OT
Tutorial : Frag out by ULT1MOD
Martin Garrix - Poison (ASTRO Launchpad Cover) by ASTRO!
K-Pop Culture (Mashup) by TAK
Remake: Pop Culture - Madeon by Launchpad Pro, Ma...
Virtual Riot - Evil Gameboy (XIRUS Cover) by XIRUS, Virtual Riot
Cali Plays: Retro City (David A Remix) by Cali Castle, David A
ULT1MOD - One Two (Shortplay) by ULT1MOD
What's that sound - Tutorial (part 4) by Datguy
Exige - Proximity (Launchawk Remake) by Launchawk, Exige
Rise & Fall ft. Krewella (Kdrew Remix) Launchpad Cover by Teton Hoffman, Kd...
Martin Garrix & MOTi - Virus (Launchpad Cover) by Voltapix, Martin ...
Wubbaduck X Pure Play - Game Masters (launchpad pro cover) by RAMSES, Wubbaduck...
Launchpad advanced configuration (part 3) by The DSP Project
Shades of Grey - Oliver Heldens & Shaun Frank (runson remix) by runson, Oliver He...
Zatox - (Love) you up (Launchpad cover) by TheRazor88, Zatox
Mozart Meets Trap (Tribal vs Himself) by Tribal, Mozart
Launchpad advanced configuration (part 2) by The DSP Project
Mashup Culture - Launchpad Pro by Launchpad Pro
How to play: Tetris hero - Nev by Cali
Tutorial: Recording your performance by ULT1MOD
8bitjunkie - Dreamer (Rewritable Cover) by Rewritable, 8bitj...
Deemo - Saika (Zachary Cover) by Zachary, Deemo
Juventa ft Eric Curran - Move Into Light (CracklieApple Cover) by CracklieApple, Ju...
Martin Garrix & Tiesto - The Only Way Is Up (Lev Cover) by Lev, Martin Garri...
Pharrell Williams - Happy (MetroGnome Remix Pazuriis Cover) by Pharell Williams,...
Follow The Beat (Original Mix) by Trey Stein
Tetris Hero - Nev by Nev, Tim Ismag, Q...
BOTCASH - Boom (Aon Cover) by Aon, BOTCASH
Launchpad advanced configuration (part 4) by The DSP Project
Jack Ü - Beat Steady Knocking | Live Launchpad PRO Cover by Trilogy
Spectrum - Launchpad Cover by Nev, Zedd, KDrew
Montee - Butterfly Assault by Montee
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