Remake: Frag Out - DJ ASSASS1N by ULT1MOD, DJ ASSASS1N
Skrillex - Kyoto (Launchpad cover) by GHET1, Skrillex
Knife Party - Bonfire (MK2 cover) by Kaskobi, Knife Party
Willy Saul - Pay No Rapture (Live Mashup) by Willy Saul, Madeo...
Shades Of Grey (Ft. Delaney Jane) Trey Stein Live Remix by Trey Stein, Olive...
DimikYoo plays: Krewella - Play Hard by DimikYoo, Krewella
Pony Sauce - NRG (BronySinc Cover) by BronySinc, Pony S...
Calvin Harris - Outside (Voltapix's Cover) by Voltapix, Calvin ...
Arty - Up All Night (rpg aleksy Cover) by rpg aleksy, Arty,...
Prayer In C - Lilly Wood & The Prick (Launchpad Cover) by Ulises Versan
Make It Bun Dem (ULT1MOD Cover) by ULT1MOD, Skrillex...
Knife Party vs Skrillex (GHET1 Launchpad Edit) by GHET1, Knife Part...
Spectrum - Launchpad Cover by Nev, Zedd, KDrew
H3ADSYN - Fireflies by H3ADSYN, Montee
DimikYoo plays: Booty Luv - Say It (Nero Remix) (Launchpad Cover by DimikYoo, Booty Luv
Halux - Feelings (Original Song) by Halux
Bam by Tim Ismag - Launchpad Cover by Diprog, Tim Ismag
Yiruma - River Flows In You (ZER0 Cover) by ZER0, Yiruma
DJ Ravine VS Beethoven (Fur Elise) by DJ Ravine, Beethoven
Far Too Loud - Firestorm (Kaskobi Cover) by Kaskobi, Far Too ...
Montee - Butterfly Assault by Montee
MIDI Extension - Program Lightshow Like a Pro! by Exige, ULT1MOD
EDM Shenanigans Ep. 1 by XIRUS
ULT1MOD's Ultimate Led Pack 2015 by ULT1MOD
Skrillex - Scary Bolly Dub (Future Exit Cover) by Future Exit, Skri...
Illuminati: live forever - Shogun by Launchpad Pro, Sh...
Conte - Daft Punk Skrillex Remix by LevelUp, Conte, S...
How to make your pads brighter ? by EV3REST
Nev and Suse Play: UNRELEASED SKRILLEX TRACK by Nev, Dr. Suse
Tutorial: How to upload/share your project file by ULT1MOD
How to have light feedback on the launchpad ? by Launchpad Pro
Remake: Weapon - M4SONIC by Launchpad Pro, M4...
Mass Effect 3 - I Was Lost Without You (Skafendre Cover) by Skafendre, Sam Hu...
Deemo OST Myosotis VIP Launchpad Pro Cover by Sein & Music,...
Crush ft. Camden Cox - Could This Be Real by Sein & Music
K-Pop Culture tutorial (part 1) by Epikas, TAK
Cash Cash - Overtime (Vicetone remix) (Launchpad cover by Purpz) by Purpz, Cash Cash,...
When mom isn't home - 2 Launchpad S cover and remix by Diprog, Grid
Shake It Off - Taylor Swift (runson Remix) by Runson
Dawin Dessert Project - Launchpad Pro by WIMS, Dawin
RYAN - Rockstar (Launchpad Mashup) by RYAN
Tutorial: Basic sampling knowledge and tips/tricks by ULT1MOD
Squeakquinox - Nev by Nev, Skrillex
Mashup Culture - Tutorial (part 2.5) by Epikas, Launchpad...
Skrillex - Reptile (GHET1 Cover) by GHET1, Skrillex
How to switch drum racks? by ULT1MOD
Skrillex - First Of The Year (M4dzi Remix) by XIRUS, M4dzi, Skr...
Deadmau5 - Some Chords (N4C Remix) by N4C, Deadmau5
Avicii - I could be the one (Launchapd Cover) by Zhen Zhao, Avicii
The Future of Mashup - DJ Trey Stein Live Performance by DJ Trey Stein
Willy Saul - Mortal Kombat (Launchpad Cover) by Willy Saul
Mashup Culture - Tutorial (part 2) by Epikas, Launchpad...
Marble Soda - TheWarmUp Launchpad Cover by The Warmup
Kygo - Firestone (Ulises Versan Cover) by Ulises Versan, Kygo
Smash Mouth - All Star (Launchpad Cover) by Smash Mouth, XIRUS
Robosonic - Killtherobot explained! by KillTheRobot
Games of Thrones - Launchpad, Launchkey by N4C
Volto - Button Pusher (Live Mashup) by Volto
How to play: M4SONIC - Weapon by ULT1MOD
FeenixPawl - Love Me For Life (LIV3 Cover) by LIV3
Mr Oizo - Bear Biscuit (Shlygly Launchpad Cover) by Shlygly, Mr Oizo
Weekends! by Adam Gillespie
DimikYoo plays: Krewella - Human by DimikYoo
First of the year (Equinox) - Tutorial by Nev, Skrillex
InspirAspir Discord Mega Collab by InspirAspir
Luke De Loop - Bass Kick by Luke De Loop
Tobu - Candyland (BlaSil Cover) by BlaSil
Tutorial: Basic lightshow knowledge and tips/tricks by ULT1MOD
K-Pop Culture tutorial (part 2) by Epikas, TAK
SebastiAn - Ross Ross Ross (Shlygly Launchpad Cover) by Shlygly, SebastiAn
How to play: Spectrum - Zedd (Nev cover) by Zod!ac, Zedd, Nev
First of the year (Equinox) Launchpad Cover by Nev, Skrillex
Tristam and Braken - Flight by Launchpad Univers...
Nev Plays - Wizards in Winter by Nev
When The Beat Drops by GHET1
Sountec- Skrillex & Knife Party Mashup by Sountec, Skrillex...
Z.E.R.0 plays: Madeon - Icarus by Z.E.R.0, Madeon
Nev vs Siri - Cats and Boots (Beatbox Battle) by Nev
What's that sound - Tutorial (part 2) by Datguy
Coyote Kisses - Sunny Day (A Duck Cover) by A Duck, Coyote Ki...
How I Feel ft. Bonnie Magbitang by R!OT
Robosonic - Killtherobot performance by KillTheRobot
Archie - Back Again by Lucas Nassar
Ummet Ozcan - Kensei (Launchpad Cover) by Sam, Ummet Ozcan
Louder - Launchpad Cover by Nev, Doctor P, Fl...
Virtual Riot - Beyond (XIRUS Cover) by XIRUS, Virtual Riot
How to update your firmware? by EV3REST
ULT1MOD - Hard Weekend (Mashup) by ULT1MOD
Launchpad basics tutorial by The DSP Project
Louis Fonsi-Despacito X Faded-Alan Walker by Eclipse
Spag Heddy - Freak It (A Duck cover) by A Duck
Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eclipse
Kavinsky - Nightcall (ULT1MOD Cover) by ULT1MOD, Kavinsky
What's that sound - Tutorial (part 3) by Datguy
ULT1MOD - Working For It (Shortplay) by ULT1MOD, Zhu, Skr...
Doctor P - Shiskabob (XIRUS Cover) by Doctor P, XIRUS
SAKURA ICHIGO (Cherry Blossom Strawberries ) Live Launchpad Orig by BSK BOY
Skrillex - Make It Bun Dem (Da Le Cover) by Da Le, Skrillex
Luke De Loop - Conscious Mind by Luke De Loop
Launchpad advanced configuration (part 1) by The DSP Project
iPhone - MetroGnome Remix (Launchpad cover) by Skinny Fingers
Luke De Loop - Ready, Go. Fresh! (Original Mix) by Luke De Loop
Sants claus is coming to dubstep by Launchpad Univers...
KSHMR & DallasK - Burn (Skafendre Cover) by Skafendre, KSHMR,...
EDM Shenanigans: Episode 2 by XIRUS
Live Launchpad House Performance by IvanSoil
Nev & Toyota - Gifony (Exige Remix) by Exige
Remake: What's that sound - Throttle by Cali, Launchpad P...
Tobu & Itro - Sunburst (Zhen Zhao Cover) by Zhen Zhao, Tobu, ...
EDM Shenanigans: Episode 3 by XIRUS
Live Launchpad Electro Mashup by SUBFER
Undertale OST - Temmie Village by Skafendre
He's a Pirate (Pirates of the Caribbean - Klaus Badelt ) by OWL, Klaus Badelt
Shawn Wasabi - Mac n' Cheese (The Warmup Cover) by The Warmup, Shawn...
ULT1MOD - Ultimate LED Effect Pack by ULT1MOD
Volto x Retrograde - Deck the Halls by Volto
Razor sharp (Launchpad cover) by Launchpad Univers...
Fade - Adventure Club ft. Zak Waters (Launchpad Cover) by Lev, Adventure Cl...
Mashup Culture - Tutorial (part 1) by Epikas, Launchpad...
Illuminati: below us - Seven Lion by Launchpad Pro, Se...
Sail Launchpad Dubstep Mashup by Skorge, Turvzak
Martin Garrix - Animals (R!OT Drop Edit) by R!OT
Tutorial : Frag out by ULT1MOD
Martin Garrix - Poison (ASTRO Launchpad Cover) by ASTRO!
K-Pop Culture (Mashup) by TAK
Remake: Pop Culture - Madeon by Launchpad Pro, Ma...
Cali Plays: Retro City (David A Remix) by Cali Castle, David A
ULT1MOD - One Two (Shortplay) by ULT1MOD
What's that sound - Tutorial (part 4) by Datguy
Exige - Proximity (Launchawk Remake) by Launchawk, Exige
Rise & Fall ft. Krewella (Kdrew Remix) Launchpad Cover by Teton Hoffman, Kd...
Martin Garrix & MOTi - Virus (Launchpad Cover) by Voltapix, Martin ...
Wubbaduck X Pure Play - Game Masters (launchpad pro cover) by RAMSES, Wubbaduck...
GROOVY GEORGE || Mike Williams by Geebo One
Launchpad advanced configuration (part 3) by The DSP Project
Shades of Grey - Oliver Heldens & Shaun Frank (runson remix) by runson, Oliver He...
Zatox - (Love) you up (Launchpad cover) by TheRazor88, Zatox
Mozart Meets Trap (Tribal vs Himself) by Tribal, Mozart
Launchpad advanced configuration (part 2) by The DSP Project
Mashup Culture - Launchpad Pro by Launchpad Pro
How to play: Tetris hero - Nev by Cali
Tutorial: Recording your performance by ULT1MOD
8bitjunkie - Dreamer (Rewritable Cover) by Rewritable, 8bitj...
Deemo - Saika (Zachary Cover) by Zachary, Deemo
Juventa ft Eric Curran - Move Into Light (CracklieApple Cover) by CracklieApple, Ju...
Martin Garrix & Tiesto - The Only Way Is Up (Lev Cover) by Lev, Martin Garri...
Pharrell Williams - Happy (MetroGnome Remix Pazuriis Cover) by Pharell Williams,...
Follow The Beat (Original Mix) by Trey Stein
Tetris Hero - Nev by Nev, Tim Ismag, Q...
BOTCASH - Boom (Aon Cover) by Aon, BOTCASH
Launchpad advanced configuration (part 4) by The DSP Project
Jack Ü - Beat Steady Knocking | Live Launchpad PRO Cover by Trilogy
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