Interview with: M4SONIC

by M4SONIC, HNTR and the Launchpad-Pro Community 2015/05/05
Interview with M4SONIC

HNTR — Hello M4,
First of all, thank you for letting our members to ask some questions!
Well, here are the questions from our members !

M4SONIC — Sup Launchpad-Pros!
Thanks HNTR for inviting me to your forum. I’m so amped to be here. I’ve done my best to answer all your questions, and thank you all for taking the time to ask!
I look forward to interacting with you all in the future here in this forum as we take over the world and redefine what it is to produce and perform real electronic music.
Hopefully I’ll get to hang with you all someday at one of my shows.

The3RDdimension — Multitasking with the Launchpad? How do you do it eg, how did you get so good?

M4SONIC — Unlike most people who use equipment in a standardized way, the reason I use Launchpad is because I want the flexibility to multitask and stay busy during my live performances. My live show is kinda like a gigantic Madeon ‘Pop Culture’ type session that I’ve been building for over a year. So I play predominately in Session Mode and then swap to User1 for my solos (Weapon/Virus/Chaos etc)
How to get good? Hours and hours practicing. I’ve had some serious blisters from trying to perfect production/performance techniques.

ULT1MOD — I know that you were inspired by deadmau5's way of controllers, but was there a specific reason you bought the LP? Like for DJ-ing or just for fun?

M4SONIC — I used to love watching deadmau5 on YouTube using various controllers and equipment to manipulate sound. It looked really stupidly fun but also expensive. The Launchpad was for me everything I needed to mess around with for fun and it was affordable.

ULT1MOD — Since at what age were you producing music? I've heard some rare pieces before the LP wave.

M4SONIC — Oh wow really? Mad respect if you’ve heard my pre-launchpad music. I actually started back when I was 13 but I was too young and impatient to really understand the software I was using at the time. I first started on Cubase SE and a bunch of demo software that I had no idea how to use. I was more interested in all the cool sounds I could make on my computer, but the old school MIDI interfaces they built back then were so slow I couldn’t play the sounds in real time which made recording difficult. It wasn’t till later when I purchased my first apple computer and a small MIDI keyboard that I got serious about recording music.

ULT1MOD — Will there be any project files from you? You've remade weapon as 2.0, but how about the original "outdated" weapon version? Any chance for a project file for that? (OUTSIDE THE QUESTION: I will release a V3 update for it soon)

M4SONIC — The biggest problem I’ve had with Weapon’s project file is that due to copyright laws I was never in a position to just give away samples that I didn’t own the rights to. Although now it would seem that resampling is a part of every EDM record that’s charting at the moment. The reason for Weapon 2.0 was that I had to remake many of the non-original samples and delete vocals hooks that I had not cleared. I reckon at some stage when I have free time (that’s not often) I could release the mastered multi exports of Weapon 2.0 arranged in a drum rack for people to play with, but judging by your “v3 update” I take it you’ve remade the project? Keen to hear it!!

ULT1MOD — We've seen you wanting to make a custom launchpad, (with external controls etc.) how is the process with that?

M4SONIC — The idea behind this was to make my live performances easier. I went from rocking up to a show with this huge crate full of controllers and tangled cables to downsizing to one pad and a laptop (which is still a major pain to set up 30seconds before the artist playing before me). These DJs that walk up with their USBs have it so ridiculously easy when it comes to setting up. My dual pad I made is pretty dope. I plug it in to a hub stuck to my laptop, hook up my laptop to power and the mixer and I’m sorted. I’m probably going to ditch the dual custom pad and run with just one Launchpad Pro when that comes out.

ULT1MOD — Any chance for a collaboration with other button mashers in a video together? (Yeah, I know, DatGuy...)

M4SONIC — Yep. I’ve done two already. One was with Throttle. He stayed at my house for a couple of nights and we made a mashup on two Launchpads but didn’t record it as we planned to film it properly in a studio. I was so amped for this but he now doesn’t want to use the Launchpad in the video, he’d prefer to play a guitar or something while I smash the pads. I’m not as big on this idea but we might get around to filming something this year when I’m not touring. The other video is with Arcane Echo. He uses a Mikro Maschine and we bashed out some ideas and recorded a couple of sessions. I hope to upload to YouTube soon!
I really want to work with Shawn Wasabi, I think we could do something really cool. Also, one day I’ll try get Madeon to do a session with me and maybe create the next big mash up together. That’d be insane.

ULT1MOD — How many LP's have you had? Judging from your instagram pics and vids, there seems to be a lot...

M4SONIC — Many! And I give many away. I’ve got my original 4 launchpads. One of them is signed by Matt Derbyshire who designed the Launchpad. I’ve got 4 Launchpad S’s sitting in my studio right now and two custom Dual pads I made. Got a Gold Launchpad Mini too. I’ve given away some of my Launchpads at shows too… so yeh there’s been a few.

ULT1MOD — Can you give the tracklist for the Stereosonic mashup?

M4SONIC — What I’ll do, is when I get more free time I’ll put the track list on the YouTube video.

ULT1MOD — I know you learned to play the piano thanks to your mother, but did you learn music theory/production somewhere or are you self-taught?

M4SONIC — Yeah I did 10 years of classical piano at school. Played in a bunch of bands and self-taught production (thanks google) in my spare time.

ULT1MOD — Favourite music gear company besides Novation?

M4SONIC — DJ TechTools for their controllers. Moog for their synths.

ULT1MOD — Favourite genre of music?

M4SONIC — I don’t really have a favorite genre. Really depends what mood I’m in to be honest.

SPAZZIM — Where did he get those sweet SOL Republic custom headphones?

M4SONIC — Thanks, I’m glad you like em. I’m an ambassador for SOL Republic. We’re called ‘Saviors of Sound’ and like Deadmau5 and Steve Aoki I’m fortunate to have my own branded M4 Headphones. I’m not a big fish like those guys yet so they’re not for sale, but once the demand is there I’m sure they’ll produce more. I give these headphones out at shows and through competitions. I definitely want you to have some, so stay tuned to my socials and enter all the competitions I post.

Quentinover — What do you think about Madeon's last album ?

M4SONIC — I just want to give Madeon a hi-five. His production and musicality is far beyond the ‘copy and paste’ producers of the EDM scene right now. His album is great.

Nathan_Cass — If I was new to music production what would you say I should do to learn?

M4SONIC — I’m still learning. And the biggest steps I’ve taken to get better at producing music is from working with other people. Work with as many producers, both experienced and upcomers that you can find. You’ll discover there’s no textbook to this, just experience and passion.

ViperActive — What do you think is the key of success when it comes to becoming a reputable controllerist?

M4SONIC — Quality over quantity perhaps? There’s a lot of controllerists playing with pretty lights and doing covers of other records right now, but not many that have the patience to make samples, both original and resampled and perfect a structured song AND then record the live performance. It’s really hard, which is why many people get frustrated quickly. To get an audience ‘WOWED’ you need to make them believe that at some point, they could do what you are doing with the controller… and the buzz that it creates within the first 20-30seconds is what makes someone connect with your performance.
Keep it simple. Keep it genuine. The performance reflects the skills without the need for smoke and mirrors.

ViperActive — What can we expect in the future as far as new mashups and tracks?

M4SONIC — I took a break from the Launchpad videos just so I could spend more time producing music and learning more about all aspects of production, but I’ve since made 4 new Launchpad video performances. I still need to film the last two but there’s new stuff coming.

ViperActive — What do you think of the Launchpad Pro when compared to the Launchpad S? (Explain)

M4SONIC — Really excited for the Launchpad Pro. The color representation of the LEDs in relation to Ableton’s Session Clips will make my live performances much easier when mixing tracks. I’m interested to how it feels with velocity sensitive pads that don’t push down (that will take some getting used to) but I think there will be far less latency and errors for live performance. I also want to be able to load one pad up with an SD full of samples and not use a laptop computer. That’s going to be exciting!

ViperActive — What's the story on your double launchpad case? Who is making it, how, and will they ever be sold?

M4SONIC — I had the double Launchpad case made up by a laser steel company as a prototype to experiment with. I always use two pads, so it made sense to combine two into one unit. They’re not an official product, only prototypes that I put together in my garage at home. I will make a newer design some day and find out how many people would be interested in getting their hands on one.

JoyPuke — What is your quick tip for new Launchpad users that may have slight problem in hand coordination?

M4SONIC — Start small and keep it simple. Start for instance with a kick drum sample and a snare. If it takes you a year to perfect a kick + drum combo it doesn’t matter. In that time you’ve spent rehearsing you would’ve tried a million different hand positions and you’ll find the most comfortable playing position that’s unique to you. I’m fortunate that through years of piano lessons I can coordinate both hands reasonably well but it still takes practice to perfect it.

JoyPuke — Do you think that the Ableton Live Lite is enough to start off for producing music?

M4SONIC — I haven’t used it, but my understanding is that it is limited. I think it’s a great way to start, and only once you realize it’s limitations through your knowledge and understanding of music production would you then upgrade to Standard or Suite. Start small, take the time to learn and perfect your craft. There’s no race or time frame to get good at this.

JoyPuke — Do you recommend/prefer using the Launchpad for performing intentions or as a tool to produce music?

M4SONIC — I prefer to use the Launchpad for performances and I sometimes use it to produce beats or patterns in the studio. It’s much easier to write melodies on a piano for instance.

M1co — How did you come up with your name?

M4SONIC — I used to make a lot of dubstep and wanted a tough name that represented the sounds I was making. I wanted something like “Weapon Sound” and it just morphed into “M4” (weapon) “Sonic” (Sound).

M1co — Do you only use Novation Launchpad or also other midi controllers?

M4SONIC — I’ve got a heap of controllers in my studio that I play with but I haven’t yet used much for live shows. I have a couple of MIDI Fighters, a custom Arcade Stick controller, a Korg Kaossilator, a QuNeo 3D and a Launchpad MINI.

DatGuy — What advice could you give to someone wanting to pursue a music career?

M4SONIC — Take your time and enjoy it. Try not to conform and do what everyone else is doing. It’s really good to be different right now. Also, don’t let money be a driving force or a measure of success. It’s really tough to make a career out of music and being creative all the time is also really difficult. The best way to start is to learn from others and be in an environment of support and positivity. The rest is time and effort, countless set backs and new beginnings. Experience is something you can’t purchase or fast track, we are all constantly learning and improving so don’t rush or give in too quickly.

DatGuy — What is the most difficult part of producing?

M4SONIC — For me right now it’s perfecting the mix and engineering a record to stand out and pop. I can start an idea pretty easily if I’m feeling creative, but getting a fully produced record complete is tricky a lot of the time as working to deadlines can be off putting.

DatGuy — What are your thoughts on the Launchpad Pro?

M4SONIC — I’m very excited for the Launchpad Pro. I hope to use it in my live shows and production.

DatGuy — What synths do you use in your tracks?

M4SONIC — I make lots of plucks and leads in Sylenth and make my bass sounds and FX in FM8. Nexus is always great for strings and some cheesy pads or saws. I also use the Ableton Sampler to take synth stab sounds and then process the audio into new sounds.

DatGuy — Who is your favorite artist and why is it Madeon?

M4SONIC — My all time favorite is Deadmau5, Madeon is up there though. Before I knew who deadmau5 was, or followed him on MySpace (back in the day) I just loved his music. I loved every aspect of that brand (mau5head) and still do today. Technically I can’t fault deadmau5’s production, but more than anything I enjoy the musicality of his works.

XIRUS — Why did you delete all your old songs?

M4SONIC — I’m not really sure, but probably because they were bad. The production was so awful that I was embarrassed haha! I want to re-make those tunes one day for fun, see how they turn out.

XIRUS — Are you planning to come back doing live shows in Australia again?

M4SONIC — I would love that! From my entire fan base, less than 3% is from my home country Australia. Which saddens me, but I haven’t played enough shows for people to know who I am yet. In saying that though, my largest fan base in now Asia and I’ve only ever played one show in South Korea. I have a show on the 6th of June in Darwin at a festival called Summer Session and then I’ll be touring the US till end of August. Hopefully by Australia’s summer I’ll have all my new tunes released and can do a bunch of shows.

DJRender — Will you add a custom skin too you're Novation Launchpads?

M4SONIC — For sure, I’d love to customize my pads and make some to give away for you guys as well!

Musicaite — Are you doing a collab with SoNevable?

M4SONIC — I’d love too, Nev’s a really cool dude and I think his Launchpad Videos are awesome.

OfficialAirDrop — Will you ever put out you projectfile's ?

M4SONIC — I’d like to give out future projects with remix opportunities.

Anonyluke — What do you think about the Launchpad-Pro?

M4SONIC — I’m really excited for the Launchpad Pro. I think the fact you can load it with an SD full of samples and not rely on a computer is amazing.

Anonyluke — When did you started playing with the Launchpad?

M4SONIC — I think it was about three years ago… could be four…

Yak — With your mashups, do u make the intro first then continue to make the song chronologically or do u make the drop first then add other parts?

M4SONIC — I usually start with the drop and work backwards. The hardest part is putting all the parts together (intro, build, drop, breakdown etc)

Yak — Will you ever consider doing any competitions of any kind?

M4SONIC — I’ve got great sponsors like SOL Republic and ASUS Computers who want to run competitions where you can win equipment. I’ll make future projects available for download and make a remix contest of some sort. Stay tuned.

Yak — What are your Tips for creating a mashup?

M4SONIC — I’d suggest working with a bunch of records that are all in the same key and bpm to get started. Keep it really simple at first and perfect a sequence/pattern of sounds that sound banging when played together. Then build from there.

Yak — Would you ever consider collaborating with a fellow launchpadder?

M4SONIC — Most definitely. Have done a couple of collaborations that will be posted soon. It’s really fun working on live projects with other artists.

Siinon — What do you think about Launchpad-Pro?

M4SONIC — I think it’s awesome, yet to try it though! The color representation of the LEDs in relation to Ableton’s Session Clips will be a game changer for live performances. I won’t need to rely so much on my computer to sort through my edits and I’m hoping the velocity sensitive buttons will make my solos even more complex.

Siinon — Will you be doing any clabs with any one anytime?

M4SONIC — I’ve got one in the works with Throttle (Launchpad), two with Arcane Echo (Mikro Maschine & MIDI Fighter) and one with Dimatik (Ableton Push). I’ve also done some collaborations with Uberjak’d… and few more.

Siinon — What is your favorite artist?

M4SONIC — Deadmau5

Siinon — When did you start playing launchpad?

M4SONIC — About three years ago I think…

Siinon — What would be your best tips for someone that just got a launchpad?

M4SONIC — That really depends on what you want to use it for… But I’d say dive right in and just play with it as soon as you plug it in. Import a drum rack into a MIDI channel in Ableton and have a bash playing some drums samples. Then just replace all the samples in the rack with your favourite samples (taken from records, sample packs or something you’ve recorded)and make a mashup?
Technically speaking, it is just time spent learning how YOU want to use the pad. There’s no right or wrong to this. Watch a couple of YouTube tutorials to get started or hit me up on Twitter and I’ll help as best I can.

Zachary — What camera , software and computer os do you use for recording , editing and producing musics ?

M4SONIC — GoPro Hero Black Edition, Adobe Premiere and a Macbook Pro 15 inch.

Zachary — How do you come up with original song / mashup ideas and how do you make it ?

M4SONIC — Original songs usually start with an idea in my head that I attempt to write down. I’ll usually play a piano and record the MIDI into my computer before building the sounds. Then it’s just a lot of time working on structure and all the elements that formulate a song.
With mashups I take a bunch of records I like the sound of. I cut them up into tiny pieces of sound grabs (samples) and arrange them on my launchpas in a drum rack and literally through trial and error find patterns and sequences that create “chunks” of sound. These “chunks” eventually become builds, intros, breakdowns and the drop.

Zachary — Love marble soda (the actual drink) ?

M4SONIC — Never tried it actually.

Zachary — Will you make any tutorial related to launchpad sometime ?

M4SONIC — I plan to when I get more free time. It’s so important to give back and I want you guys to know everything you need to make the most of your talents.

Zachary — Who is the overall prizewinner for the remix competition that you and novation held ?

M4SONIC — The Virus iPad competition? That was won by Ernest Wong.

Zachary — What do you like to eat ?

M4SONIC — Lots of pasta.

Zachary — What will you do in your free time (besides of producing music) ?

M4SONIC — I play Minecraft and GTAV on PS4

Zachary — Will there be any chance that you'll have a tour in Asia (I live in Hong Kong)

M4SONIC — I really badly want to do a run of shows in Asia very soon! My agent is working on it right now.

Zachary — Do you watch anime ? if yes,which one is your favourite and what r you watching currently ?

M4SONIC — I don’t actually but I have a few long flights coming up and need something to watch, can you suggest what’s good!?

Zachary — Do you have snapchat ?

M4SONIC — Sure do! Going to spread the word shortly on Facebook, but add me m4_sonic and you’ll get to see all my new videos before anyone else.

R4T — What tips should you give to beginning producers?

M4SONIC — I’ve suggested a few times to people that they should work with as many people as they can to gain experience and knowledge about all aspects of music production. Even just sitting in on a recording session can teach you a lot about things you may not take the time to learn by yourself. Also, I think just to enjoy making music is enough to keep you on a path to success.

R4T — Why the launchpad, and not a midi fighter or something else?

M4SONIC — I’ve used other controllers but the Launchpad was the best fit for me.

R4T — Do you have a sister?

M4SONIC — Haha nope.

R4T — Do you like pancakes?

M4SONIC — Hell yeah I do!

R4T — Would you ever come to Belgium?

M4SONIC — I would love to come to Belgium. I’m working my hardest to make better music and hopefully tour more in the future.

iMM — Just one simple question, do you ever plan on releasing project files? I can understand why you wouldn't want to but everyone would seriously appreciate it if you did.

M4SONIC — I totally get how much people want the files for Weapon and my other Launchpad tracks and it’s something I’m open to. What I think I’ll most likely do is release stems and parts of future projects and create remix opportunities for fans.

WhoJulien — How do you react when other youtubers copy your videos and say that they are theirs ?

M4SONIC — Haha does this happen? I didn’t know people did that. Well, good for them. When someday they get booked to play a live show I’d like to be there to watch what happens!

WhoJulien — Are you a partner of Novation ?

M4SONIC — I am an ambassador for Novation and work with the team, they’re family to me.

WhoJulien — Can you earn your life with your youtube videos ?

M4SONIC — Some people make very good money from YouTube. The videos that get 100,000,000+ views can make some serious coin. More than what a song would sell on iTunes.

EmileG — I am so childish but do you love me?

M4SONIC — Always

EmileG — How was your first day as a "Celeb" like that people started to recognize you?

M4SONIC — Haha I’m far from that. If anyone recognizes me though I appreciate it though and always want to have a chat and hang out.

Odemis — Any plan's on doing some tuto's here or on your Youtube Channel :3?

M4SONIC — I need more free time for these projects because I would love to do more. I want to give more back. What tutorials would you like me to do? I had an idea of taking 10 current charting records and chopping them up and free styling live so people could watch the process of how I make mashups.

Odemis — Was there a specific youtuber that inspired you about the Launchpad or did you learn by yourself?

M4SONIC — My performance style was created organically, as in it came naturally to me and wasn’t based on someone else’s but I give credit to Madeon for his Pop Culture mash that definitely inspired me to experiment further with the Launchpad.

Odemis — The list of softwares you use with the Launchpad!! I WANT ALL OF EM!!

M4SONIC — Haha!! Ok, well… some plug ins are really expensive so I’ll name my favorites for now to get you started. The Launchpad is running through Ableton Suite. But you can just use Ableton Lite that comes with the Launchpad if you don’t already have Ableton. I use various VSTs for my sounds like Sylenth, Massive, FM8, Nexus, Spire and then use Abletons Sampler to play audio clips.

Odemis — It took you how much time to become sooo good !

M4SONIC — Ahhhhhh, well Weapon was 4 months in the making. I can now make a Launchpad mashup in about two days, but that’s 2 years after making many failed attempts. It’s all just hours and hours of trial and error.

Odemis — Are you planning on making a return with a new mashup !?

M4SONIC — Yes!! But more original Launchpad stuff too. 4 videos will be released shortly. This forum is the only place people know of this.

BODINIMAN — How excited are you for the LaunchpadPro?

M4SONIC — I’m over excited and just want to get my hands on it and upload a new mashup video!

BODINIMAN — And will you be making content with the LaunchpadPro?

M4SONIC — Definitely will be! Can’t wait to experiment with velocity sensitive pads.

BODINIMAN — Do you sit down or stand up when your playing on the Launchpad?

M4SONIC — In the studio I sit down, otherwise I get a really sore back. When I play live at a festival/show I lean into the desk and put all my weight forward while standing.

Java_Cakes — What is a good way to learn how to desyncronize your hands? i have trouble with it still even though I've taken Drum and Piano lessons.

M4SONIC — Ok right now, stand up.
With your left hand… pat your head (lightly! Don’t injure yourself)
Do this for at least 20 seconds.
Now just walk around, still patting your head. The aim is for you to stop thinking about this action right?
Now with your other hand wave at something like you are saying “hello/goodbye” whilst still patting your head. At first you over think the action and it seems odd, then you find yourself just concentrating on your right hand and your left hand keeps patting.
Did it work for you?
Now try it on a Launchpad. Left hand plays one button (a kick drum) and your right hand plays some sounds in a pattern. The aim is for your left hand to keep time and play one note over and over, letting the right hand freestyle.

phATty — Do you use analog synths? If so, what's your kit?

M4SONIC — I’ve got a Novation Bass Station that makes some seriously boss sounds but otherwise I use software. I aim to get more analogue equipment when I have a proper studio one day.

phATty — Why do you never perform with lightshows?

M4SONIC — I think they’re distracting from what I’m actually doing on my Launchpad. I want the audience to know what button makes what sound, so that they can make sense of how I play. I feel the Launchpad light shows are pretty and exciting, but ultimately fake and all for show.

phATty — What do you think about nev, shawwwn etc.?

M4SONIC — Nev makes really interesting and engaging lightshow Launchpad covers that I enjoy watching and I appreciate the hours that go into mapping all those buttons with MIDI information, which creates those crazy light patterns. I don’t know how he remembers where everything is, it’s very clever! I’m so pumped for his new videos this year.
Shawn is hilarious and his videos are so happy and poppy. He’s truly talented as I’ve seen him play live so I know he’s legit. Both these guys are doing great things for the controllerist movement and I want to help them make the most from their talents and take over the world.

NoahDoesLP — What other midi controllers you have besides 4 Launchpads? (By the way I think a big square of 256 buttons is genius)

M4SONIC — The big 256 has to happen right! I get excited just thinking about it haha.
I’ve got a couple of MIDI Fighters, a custom Arcade Stick controller, a Korg Kaossilator, a QuNeo 3D and a Launchpad MINI.

2ndSider — When you started to play on launchpad?

M4SONIC — About 3 years ago, roughly.

2ndSider — What was your first musical instrument?

M4SONIC — The piano. I tried the guitar soon after but didn’t stick with it.

2ndSider — Your the most expensive dj controller ever?

M4SONIC — I’m the most expensive DJ controller haha? Or what is the most expensive DJ controller? I think the Pioneer DDJs are the most expensive and the most expensive ‘DJ’ is Paris Hilton at one million dollars booking fee for a show.

2ndSider — Btw thanks for being my inspirer.

M4SONIC — No, thank you! Thanks for being part of the team. #m4army

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