Interview with: Throttle

by Throttle, HNTR and the Launchpad-Pro Community 2015/11/16
ULT1MOD — First of all, how did you find the launchpad?

Throttle — Madeon’s Pop Culture!

ULT1MOD — What kind of musical experience do you have? If I'm correct, you play the guitar as well. Did you learn somewhere or are you self-educated?

Throttle — I learnt guitar for about 6 years when I was younger. I’m just picking it up again now because it’s so useful in my production.

ULT1MOD — Will you be making any more videos/mashups?

Throttle — Right now I’m focussing 100% on my production and making that as unique as possible.

ULT1MOD — Why did you use user 2 mode for Inspire and What's That Sound?

Throttle — I mapped clips from Session mode to User 2 so that I could have the quantisation of Session Mode AND have the clips light up only when they were pressed.

ULT1MOD — Will you be performing live-shows in the future?

Throttle — YES! A full live band show is my dream.

ULT1MOD — What is your relationship with other button-pushers? I heard m4sonic and you planned to do a collab if I'm not mistakes.

Throttle — We have a big Facebook group chat with all the bottom pushers! M4sonic set that up :)

Yak — What are your views on using the launchpad to cover songs?

Throttle — I think it’s great - especially when live instruments are incorporated as well!

Yak — Will you ever release your collaboration you started with M4SONIC?

Throttle — We’ll see…

Yak — How much does the Launchpad feature in the production of your original songs?

Throttle — Lots! I mainly use it as a drum machine, or sometimes to sample/chop up my own songs to creative something with a “sample feel”

Yak — What is your favourite music genre? (I reckon it is disco XD)

Throttle — DIRTY DISCO

Yak — Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

Throttle — Justin Timberlake

Yak — What are your tips for making a mashup on the launchpad?

Throttle — Put together a mixture of your favourite samples (Individual drums, synths, vocals etc) and just experiment from there!

Yak — Do you make your mashups in arrangement view first or do you use session view from the beginning?

Throttle — I’m constantly swapping between the two.

Yak — Do you think that LED effects are important when performing an original song on the Launchpad in user1 mode?

Throttle — I think they’re essential to give the viewer a better insight into what’s going on.

Yak — Is music production your job or just a hobby?

Throttle — Now that I’ve finished school it’s my full time job!

Yak — Did u use a launchpad at all when you collaborated with Oliver Heldens?

Throttle — Check out “Wizard Launchpad Edition” on my Facebook page, that’s where it all started ;)

Yak — How did u come to meet so many famous producers? I have seen pictures of you with Martin Garrix, and I also loved your collab with Oliver Heldens?

Throttle — I got in touch with Martin/Oli aaaagges ago and we’ve stayed in contact ever since!

Quentinover — Piano or Launchpad ? You have 4 hours!

Throttle — Launchpad

Safety — Are you planning on buying an ULT1MOD?

Throttle — I don’t even know what that is!!

Ticki84 — Based on Safety, are you planning to go at Ult1mods Ult1mate Launch Party 2016?
Nice job btw!

Throttle — What am I missing out on here!??

XIRUS — Mate, why is your music so cool ? ~Fellow Australian

Throttle — Thank you!!

phATty — Gday copper digga bluey, howz it hangin big guns.
~ I'm Australian too XP
Do you use any analog gear in your setup?

Throttle — None! I’m all on my computer + guitar and Launchpad

phATty — What are you working on now?

Throttle — BANGERS

phATty — What is your favourite food?

Throttle — Toasted Sandwhiches

phATty — What is that sound???!

Throttle — IT’S A MYSTERY!

phATty — Are you planning to release a whole album, or are you just gonna stick with monstercat?

Throttle — Right now I’m just focussing on singles!

The3RDdimension — You Sir are a legend!
Why did you choose to use the launchpad?

Throttle — It was so different to anything I’d ever seen before, and it’s such an interactive way to make music.

The3RDdimension — How did you get the name "Throttle"?

Throttle — It was the best name my 13 year old self could imagine

The3RDdimension — Do you play a sport?

Throttle — Everything! I’ve been getting into squash lately, fucking love it.

The3RDdimension — Got any tips for hand Independence?

Throttle — Learn piano! That’s why M4sonic is the best.

The3RDdimension — Am I asking too many questions?


The3RDdimension — Can you say 3RD is a cool guy (it'll make my day :D)

Throttle — 2ND is a cool guy

NoahDoesLP — Why does Inspire sound like Mashup Culture? XDDD

Throttle — Ha!!

NoahDoesLP — What do you think of M4SONIC, Shawn Wasabi, and SoNevable?

Throttle — Love them

NoahDoesLP — Any collabs?

Throttle — Oliver Heldens

NoahDoesLP — Favorite record label?

Throttle — Columbia

ViperActive — What was your experience with breaking out of the launchpad type world and getting into the realm of main stage music production in the industry, like your upcoming collab with Oliver Heldens and things like that?

Throttle — For me, production has always been the focus so it was an easy transition!

Datguy — What do you find to be the hardest part of producing music (in general)?

Throttle — Finishing songs.

Datguy — What is the best part of producing music?

Throttle — The first hour.

Datguy — Thanks again for doing this, I love your music!

Throttle — Thank you!

Thomasmcquaidee — Have you got any upcoming launchpad mashups?

Throttle — Nothing in the works right now.

Thomasmcquaidee — Do you have a Launchpad MK2 or are you sticking with the S?

Throttle — Sticking with the S at the moment!

ItZCrzY — What would you say is your favorite song you've composed?

Throttle — My latest single “September”

ItZCrzY — How about your least favorite?

Throttle — Because I work on so many hundreds of ideas, everything I’ve released publicly I absolutely love. If i haaavve to pick it’d be French Kiss.

ItZCrzY — Who are your favorite producers?

Throttle — Pharrell/The Neptunes.

ItZCrzY — When did you first become interested in producing and when did you actually start?

Throttle — I started DJing around the age of 13, then picked up production a year or so later. At the time I was just making basic mashups and a friend of mine introduced me to the world of production.

ItZCrzY — I just wanted to thank you for answering all of our questions! Stay awesome Throttle! :)

Throttle — <3

EmileG — How was it in the beginning of your career, How long did it take people to notice you on youtube?

Throttle — I got really really lucky. My first single was picked up by Monstercat, who have a massive youtube network. Everything just started popping off from there.

EmileG — Did you aleady have a love for music a long time? How did it start?

Throttle — I’ve loved music my entire life. I learnt guitar as I was growing up but it wasn’t until 11 or 12 that I was introduced to dance music. (Heavier stuff like Basshunter) When I started high school I started getting interested in making mashups/mixing, and then got into music production.

EmileG — What about your favourite animal?

Throttle — Puppy dawgs

EmileG — Last but not least.
Will you come to Belgium in the future?
Greetings from Belgium.

Throttle — Oooo I hope so! I’d love to play tomorrowland one day

Beboy — Hey, I'm a 10 yr old producer, I really wanna be good, so have any tips?

Throttle — Learn an instrument!

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