We are passionate musicians and controllerists giving our free time to serve the community by gathering all you need to become a better producer or DJ.

Hi, I'm Kevin LPP Creator — also known as Launchpad Pro

I'm a young producer living in Paris. I've played and produced music for 10 years now. Like many other people, I've fallen in love with the Launchpad watching the famous "Pop Culture - Madeon" mashup. Since then, I can't live without the Launchpad. This controller offers a huge level of creative freedom, whether your are on the stage or in the studio. It is also a complex tool that you must learn to master!

I'm the "Launchpad Pro" project creator, a website and a forum which now consists of the biggest Launchpadders community in the world!


Hi, I'm Antoine Community Manager — also known as HNTR

I'm a young controllerist living in France. I discovered the Launchpad 2 years ago with the famous "Pop Culture - Madeon" mashup. I registred on Launchpad-Pro's forums since its launch to share and contribute to the community. This is where I met Kevin! I'm now working at Launchpad-Pro.com as Community Manager, my work is to make this family stronger, the forum a better place, discover and promote new talents on our network.


Hi, I'm Ross Forum Administrator — also known as ULT1MOD

I’ve been making music ever since I was a little kid. I felt like music is what I want to do all my life, so I started going to a music school and learned to play the drums, which I’ve been doing for over 10 years now. Besides playing drums I like to produce electronic music, make videos on YouTube and help people with different subjects, such as controllerism, audio production, music theory and pretty much everything music related. I’m always happy to teach and help others out.

I will keep doing what I do and I hope I will manage to help everyone in need. Cheersus!


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