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Thanks to its community, Launchpad-Pro.com offers the best resources with high quality project files, samples packs and tutorials. To reward our best contributors, we created 3 VIP pass : bronze, silver and gold.

VIP pass bronze

Bronze VIP members get a special badge next to their name on the website as well as a link they can personalize. When someone click on your name, you can redirect people to your Facebook or YouTube page for instance. You can change your link whenever you want from your member account.


You need to submit at least 3 videos on Launchpad-Pro.com OR obtain +1000 downloads with your uploaded project files or samples packs. Your videos may be refused by our team if it goes against our rules and policies or if we believe that it won't fit our audience interests.

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VIP pass silver

Silver VIP members can feature their videos on the home page carrousel during one week. Since the website brings +100 000 visits per month, this will let you increase your visibility and give you more chance to stay in our Top chart videos. Your video will also be shared on the Launchpad Pro Facebook page and Twitter.


Promote this website by adding your Launchpad-Pro.com video link in your YouTube video description AND share it on your social networks if possible. We will help you to increase your visibility and get your video famous and this for every video your share.

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VIP pass gold

Gold VIP members will have their videos promoted in our newsletter (+100 000 subscribers) and will get access to every video analytics and our admin page as well. You'll also be able to submit videos on the website on your own.


Obtain +10 000 downloads on Launchpad-Pro.com with your uploaded project files or samples packs.

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