Training Session 4th edition!

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Become a Launchpad Pro: learn Sampling, how to create Mashups from scratch and record your performances with amazing Lightshows!


- 140 pages illustrated with concrete examples to learn how to master the Launchpad and become an Ableton Live 9 expert:

  • Chapter 1 - The basics (deep dive into the 4 available modes)
  • Chapter 2 - The art of the Lightshow (programmed, interactive lightshows and advanced technics)
  • Chapter 3 - Sampling and Mashups (exctraction, time-stretching technics and how to create a whole mashup from scratch)
  • Chapter 4 - Live and Recording (organize your live set, how to play and record your performances)
  • Chapter 5 NEW! - Secret new tips & tutorials for Launchpad Mk2 and Pro users

- the source files: reproduce everything shown in the training.

Download the first 35 pages


- A complete training session presented Live and in English

- 60 video lessons with a gradual difficulty. Feel free to follow and practice each lesson in any order you like.

- Live screencast of the Ableton Live 9 interface with keyboard shortcuts and complementary indications on the screen.

- Live demo on the Launchpad in first-person view (recorded with a GoPro)

Watch video extracts


- Advanced exclusive project files, applying each educational part of the training

- The Launchpad Bible: an additional eBook with 100 tips and tricks to improve your skills and get inspired every day

- A VIP pass for launchpad-pro.com : get the video of your choice featured on the home page and access to premium options.

- Free updates of the training during 1 year (new innovative techniques, new product reviews, ...)

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About the Author

Hey! I'm Kevin, a french producer living in Paris. I've played and produced music for 15 years now.

Like many other people, I've fallen in love with the Launchpad watching the famous "Pop Culture - Madeon" mashup. This controller offers a huge level of creative freedom, weither your are on the stage or in the studio. It is also a complex tool that you must learn to master!

I'm the "Launchpad Pro" project creator, a website and a forum which now consists of the biggest Launchpadders community in the world!

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Thank you! - Simai

Hi Kevin, Just want to say thank you so much for creating the training, I feel i wouldn't have learned as much by myself in same amount of time.

It saved me a lot of time! - Leroy

Congratulation for this eBook, very polished. Everything is perfectly clear and each topic is really well-addressed. Thank you, this training saved me a lot of time!

I recommend to all my Launchpadder friends - Ludovic

Thank you for the Launchpad training, it's really great and well explained. I only regret not having ordered earlier. I've received my Launchpad Pro just one week ago and I'm having so much fun ! Thank you again for this really awesome training you've done, I recommend to all my Launchpadder friends.

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PREMIUM package

Included in this package:

eBook (pdf & epub)
+ Source files
+ 60 video lessons
+ Exclusive project files (free to reuse)
+ The Launchpad Bible
+ VIP pass on Launchpad-Pro.com
+ Free updates during 1 year

30 days refund policy


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STANDARD package

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eBook (pdf & epub)
+ Source files
+ 60 video lessons

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LITE package

Included in this package:

eBook (pdf & epub)
+ Source files

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Is there any prerequisite to attend the training?

You can follow the training session without problems regardless your level in music/production. The advantage is that the Launchpad allows you to do some impressive things with very little musical knowledge. The training will also serve the more experienced people: I will introduce many tips and professional techniques.

What do I need to attend the training?

Having a Launchpad is not required to follow the courses, but you should get one or a similar controller if you want to practice! In the training session, I use a Launchpad S and Ableton Live 9 but you can follow the courses without problems regardless of your type of Launchpad (original, S, mini, mk2, pro, Push) and your version of Live (Ableton Live 8 or 9), even the Lite edition.

What package should I buy?

It all depends on your budget. The Premium package is the best but the Lite package is still 140 pages of great content.

What if I don't like the training?

If you make the effort to complete the training to the end, I guarantee you that you will make great progress! And if you are still not satisfied, I'd be happy to refund you at any time (within a period of up to 30 days).

I've got another question!

Please get in touch via: contact@launchpad-pro.com ;)